We are a solutions-based company providing leading-edge technology in financial instruments, healthcare, communication, and security.

How Our Service Works

Different custom programs and innovative offerings to fit your customers’ needs, including integration of bank cards, virtual financial cards, texting programs, adherence, and loyalty programs with real-time adjudication and web portals. We seek to improve the consumer experience and improve compliance and adherence rates.

Our Service Benefits

Real-time and Instant Service

Our service will adjudicate and approve or deny your claim, instantly.

Experience-based Development

A service crafted and managed by professionals with decades of combined healthcare experience.

Multiple Product Cards

We provide custom branded cards for financial transactions and benefits to fit your specific needs. These include virtual cards, payroll, expense, rewards, and many others.


Your custom programs meet all federal requirements for security of healthcare data and financial transactions, including HIPAA and PCI compliance.